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Daily 108 Bows Diet

1.7 usd

Make pretty body and get healthy playing 108 bow exercise108 bow exercise will reduce blood sugar as well as fat loss and improve your body ability like cardio pulmonary function, digestive organ. Daily 108 Bows Diet provides the following features for effective bow exercise.
■ Elapsed Time Timercheck your total exercise time in real time.
■ Adjust the number of exerciseset the number of exercise as you want, and then press "Start".
■ Interval adjustmentset the on-time exercise time, check the number of times automatically.
■ Automatic calculation of caloriescheck the calories consumed through real-time bow exercise.
■ notification soundscheck with four types of notification sounds.
■ Musiccheck three background music to create a calm state of mind and body to concentrate on exercise.
■ Screen Off prevention
■ Mission statementreach the target through the mission statement set directly during exercise.
■ Exercise Resultsafter the exercise section and section number of calories consumed, the results show the duration time.
Now just set the bow times for diet and press "Start".